Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mind Blowing Ways To Flourish Your Home Business

10 Mind Blowing Ways To Flourish Your Home Business 

1. Show your prospects how much enthusiasm
you have for your product and business. If you're
convincing enough, they will be enthusiastic too.

2. End your sales letter or ad copy with a strong
closing. It could be a free bonus, a discount price,
a benefit reminder, an ordering deadline, etc.

3. Please your complaining customers. You can
refund their money, give them a discount, give
them a free gift, solve the problem quickly, etc.

4. Make your customers get excited about your
business and they will tell their friends. Give
them a free vacation certificate, a coupon, etc.

5. Give your prospects extra confidence so they
will order. Use endorsements, testimonials, a
strong guarantee or warranty, etc.

6. Build your opt-in list by allowing your visitors
to sign up for a free e-zine, ebooks, software,
contests, sweepstakes, etc.

7. Give your prospects or customers a breath of
fresh air. Don't be afraid to design your web site
and ad copies different from everyone else.

8. Allow your customers to get part of your total
offer right after they order. If you have to ship the
item, make one of your bonuses available online.

9. Write and submit articles to e-zine publishers
or webmasters. If you want it to be published, it
should be like an article and not like an ad.

10. Show your prospects that you are an expert,
because authority can persuade people to buy.
You could publish an article, write an ebook, etc.

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