Saturday, 30 November 2013

An Exciting Experience with My Trainer

On the month of September, I have joined AeroSoft Team as Manager HR and my training session was scheduled on 30th September. The company AeroSoft is entirely different from my back ground in terms of academics and experience. To be honest, I did know nothing about aviation industry. With the intention of learning new things, I was eagerly waiting for my Training session. Unfortunately I could not join the training session due to personal problem. I have heard people saying “The first impression is the best impression”. On The first day of my training, I got introduced to my trainer - “Miss Surbhi Maheswari” and started up with an excuse thinking it’s going to create a bad expression but to my surprise, my trainer was really gentle and accepted the extension request in joining the training. Finally I landed up on 21st October and started with the first day of training. It was very formal; she started with introduction to AeroSoft which has young and energetic team and about blogs. She shared few links and asked me to go through it. She also explained me the benefits of being blogger and on going through the blogs, I can understand new concepts. That moment I felt like “a blind person left in the forest”. After an hour, she again continued the training session, she told me to feel free to ask doubts regarding any terms. Then I took a relaxed breath and started asking her questions and she was replying all my questions with an example. The questions which I asked were too silly, without ignoring she helped me out in giving explanations. Very soon I was comfortable with my trainer and I was going through an interesting session of team work. Daily she started to give me a lot of suggestions in completing the task. She then started assigning task to me whereas I decided to give my best. As we know a trainer who does the job of “training team on a given task” but I got extra ordinary training where she taught me the toughest things in a simple way. She waits until I understand and get through the concepts. Sometimes it makes me wonder “from where did she get so much patience”. The most attractive part is that even if I ask the same question after 2 or 3 days, she comes out with polite explanation whereas we cannot expect the same from others. Not only during training timings, I got assistance anytime. 

The first blog that impressed me was about “Vinayagar Chathurthi” written by Miss Surbhi. Sometimes It is very interesting to go back to see the history and purpose of festival and celebrations. Then I was really expecting for blog on Dusserha, on the day of festival she has put up the blog. It was an excellent blog and my expectations got fulfilled. Not only festive blogs, she has written many blogs which I admire the most. She guides me and keeps me updating regarding the happenings in social networks.  After few days, I started to share my ideas, my blogs etc. She always appreciates me in all things I do at work. She has provided me with great knowledge training session which will last throughout my life. There is a quote “Knowledge is power” which I realized after the successful session. I just entered the training with “a desire to learn new things”, learnt things and will work hard to reach destination with the help of trainer and team.

I would like to thank her for the best training session that she has provided me; brought “an exciting experience” and that could not be replaced by any other trainers. Thanks a ton Miss Surbhi Maheswari.

I always believe Miss Surbhi - adorable trainer will guide me as well the forth coming new joiners at AeroSoft in all aspects of works.

Vidhya Ethiraj

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