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Things Which Will Make You A Bad Blogger

Please avoid following if you really wana good Blogger.

1. Copy Paste job : Blogging is not a copy paste job. I have seen several bloggers  who will just open an existing blog of their choice and copy paste the content into their own blog. That's what they call updating their blogs. Fellas! No matter how much happy you were while doing that, but that will never gonna earn you even a single penny. Take this seriously that you might even get blocked for doing this, or maybe something legal may come up for you. Copy pasting should be a big no-no.

2. Mighty Hits : Creating a blog and updating it with a nice original post is definitely a good start, but expecting some thousand viewers just after posting it is not practical. Blogging is not an overnight thing, it require time. Do not lose hope even if you are not getting enough views on your posts even after months. Many bloggers stop blogging looking at the initial results. Give it time and it will give you results.

3. Personal stuff's personal : No one (other than your close friends and relatives) have any interest or time to read your personal stuffs (until it gives some moral/message). Ignore posting what you did over weekend, whom do you like in your class, or other crap. Blogging has never been about you, it's about your readers. Make them a part of it than focusing it on you.

4. Promote, don't spam : There is a huge difference between promoting and spamming. Many of the new bloggers will start irritating people with messages over messages on the same thing. It is not bad to inform them of the new posts you have posted, but do not overdo it. Same thing applies while posting comments on other blogs and forums. You should not copy paste a same text to every place.

5. Misleading Blog Title : A perfect Blog Title matters a lot as that's the first thing which tells about your blog. If the title is interesting, people would want to go ahead and read the posts. Do not make it sound stupid and loose anyone who comes to visit your blog.

6. Publishing rarely : "Blogging is my passion, but I do not get much time for it". Are you kidding me? Those wanna be are nothing but time killing bloggers. Many bloggers have the same thoughts and they update their blog once in a month or maybe be in over more duration. That is not going to do anything for you, my dear. Get your ass off and start updating frequently.

7. Absent on social media : You may be using the best possible promotion technique but your loyal base starts with a social media profile. Having your presence on Facebook or Twitter increase your chances to be read by more people.

8. You got it small : You might be posting original post but it should not be too small. I have come across bloggers who just write couple of sentences for every post. Keep in mind that you are posting comments to other blogs, you are writing something for yourself. Your blog post should be at least 150-200 words in size. At the same time, ignore writing Research Paper kind of things as well.

9. Readers? lol : Your readers are very important for you. There are plenty of readers who would love to be loyal to you if you value them. Reply to the comments regularly and keep them engaged. Many bloggers end their blog post with a question for their readers, but never bother to read those comments and reply to you. I am sorry but you are being rude. If they need to read your content, you need them too. So behave!

10. Language sucks : You might be writing the best of the content, but if you are not proofreading your content, your readers are not going to like it. Make it a habit to proofread whatever you post as it does not take more than couple of minutes.

If you are spending couple of hours every week in Blogging, I am sure you are just not passing your time. It is always good to take care of thing which have been mentioned above as that will increase the worthiness of your blog.

If you have anything to add on the above ten points, feel free to post that in the comments.

Any questions? Any concerns? Ask it in the comments.

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