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Get Rid of Depression During Recession

Get Rid of Depression During Recession 

There's no doubt about it that there is global recession ; though its hard for some to accept it but down in their heart and minds they are suffering from its consequences . When you experience more than just a temporary bout of the blues, your entire outlook on life can suffer. Try some coping techniques that others find helpful when you're feeling despondent.

Rule out a medical cause for your depression. A chemical imbalance can result in uncontrollable sadness and depression. See a medical expert for testing.

Set aside time each week to help those less fortunate. You might feel as though your lot in life is poor but there are always others who need your help. Donate your time to read to children at the library or serve meals to the homeless. Call your local Chamber of Commerce to get contact information for volunteer organizations.

Catch yourself when you're thinking self-destructive thoughts and turn them around. This isn't easy but when you find yourself thinking that nothing good ever happens to you, sit down and remember the good things. Summon the feelings you had during those moments.

Make a list of your accomplishments. Anything you have achieved, counts. If you were in a kindergarten play, write it down. If you play the guitar, write it down. Write down every little thing that you've ever down that took even a tiny bit of talent or skill. The idea is to focus on your accomplishments and not the negatives in your life.

Develop your spirituality. Whether or not you are religious, you may find comfort and support in a spiritual setting. Visit a different church every Sunday or if organized religion just isn't your thing, check out some books on alternative spirituality.

Put your feelings down on paper. Start a daily journal where you record your emotions each day. Self-therapy is very successful for some people who suffer from depression. Dig deep into your mind and write down the reasons you think are behind your feelings. Do this every night or when you are feeling overcome by depression.

Find a creative outlet. Some of the most famous artists and writers in history were depressed. Get some art supplies and paint or draw. Start writing a book or make some crafts. Channel your depression into an art form.

Get off the sofa and go outside. Plan a daily walk at the same time each day and do it even if you don't want to. Regular exercise puts your mind in a more relaxed state and can lift your spirits. Alternately, join a health club and work out with a buddy.

Talk to someone. Depression is not shameful. Sometimes it helps to tell others how we feel and get their feedback. If you don't have a therapist or cant afford one, call your public health agency and ask about free support groups in your community.



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